The Plateau Rando

The Plateau Rando


This sophisticated and worldly bag is poised to carry your well balanced lunch, bike lock, keys, gloves, phone, rain gear, water bottle and neck scarf across town or across the country. Easy open para-cord allows you to quickly stowe away a layer or grab a drink. When you arrive at your destination conveniently take your bag with you by loosening the spring loaded wingnuts and slide the bag off of the 2 parallel bar tracks. Clear up space on your bar by commissioning a custom stem with integrated mounting system and bell! 

Primary Color (Bottom)
Secondary Color (Lid)
  • Organized Storage

    3 Exterior Pockets

    1 Zipper Interior Pocket

    Elastic Straps on Interior can secure water bottle, utensils or bike tools 


  • Internal Stainless Steel Frame

    The Internal Stainless Steel Frame and mounting system is manufactured in house by Goodday Fabrications. The internal frame design is light weight and has zero movement in the frequent occasion you hit a pot hole, are out on a bumpy gravel road or catch some air. 

  • Dimensions

    6" x 9" x 10"