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Desperado Seat Bag

Desperado Seat Bag


We made this bag for the mountain biker who wants to go bikepacking without sacrificing the way their bike performs. Because your bike will take you to some amazing remote terrain, and the last thing you want is for your bike to feel like a beast of burden. The Desperado Seat Bag is an extension of the mountain bike you take out on day rides. This roll top bag is made with durable and waterproof Ottertex canvas and is lined with slippery ripstop fabric that allows you to stuff every square inch. New, we’ve created structure and are promoting Leave NoTrace ethics with an integrated pocket and compatability with the Tent Lab Deuce #2 shovel (Made in Colorado).


A protective Wolf Tooth dropper clamp is also available & highly recommended for dropper posts. It is also helpful for limiting your post from dropping your seat bag into the rear wheel on short clearance or full suspension rigs! Before embarking on a rugged trail fully loaded check where your seat bag sits with rear suspension fully bottomed out and dropper down!


Capacity: 3L

Included: Rail and post straps

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