A place to commision an artistic, handmade, custom bicycle and bags.

Origin Story 

Chris, is a professional bike mechanic of 15 years and graduate of the prestigious BCI frame building school in Asheville Oregon. Chris started Goodday Cycles over 10 years ago with the goal of creating playful mountain bike frames that fit perfectly and have hints of vintage flair.


Arly, Chris's girlfriend and bikepacking partner, couldn't find a custom bag with the fit, functionality and aesthetic she was striving for on her Goodday Cycle. After owning over 20 bike bags in 8 years, she started sketching, designing and building prototypes of artistic bags that would also perform on the diverse terrain of the Colorado Plateau that they like to bikepack on, and tour on. She decided to brand the effort Curiosity Bike Bags after the the unexpected and thoughtful details on her bags. After building, testing, tweaking and more testing Goodday Bikes + Curiosity Bags is ready to make bikepacking, randonneuring and commuting rigs with whimsy for fellow cycling romantics nostalgic for the elegant shapes and flowing lines that can only be achieved by a craftsman's hands.

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