The Kaibab Kruiser

Gravel | Road |Randounneuring 

The Kaibaba Kruiser is an adventure gravel bike built around a 27.5 wheel that can fit up to a 2" knobby tire for those rugged southwestern roads. The name comes from the Navajo word 'Mountains Lying Down' for which the region around the North RIm of the Grand Canyon is named. With a low bottom bracket and a 71 degree head tube angle the Kaibab is very capable on trails and yet with short chainstays and a 74 degree seat tube angle makes this bike snapply like a road bike. If we were european we'd call it Randonneur. The Kaibab comes with plenty of rack mounts for a long distance tour across the country. In my opinion this is a 1 quiver bike. 

The Kaibab naturally is accessorized with a smart looking gas tank bag made by the one and only Curiosity Bike Bags, with a sort of minimalistic Judo sun motif. 

Sequia Flyer

Gravel / Bikepacking

Description coming soon... 

The High Lonesome

Mountain / Bikepacking

The High Lonesome was inspired by the same landscape of red desert towers, tumbleweeds, and long endless stretches of sage that also inspire that Hank Williams High Lonesome Sound. 

Chris wanted to create a no-compromises mountain bike for the Colorado Trail race. He wanted the bike perform on the climb, descent and be ultra comfortable for multi-day endurance rides.

Chris selected long and low geometry. The head tube angle is 64 degrees, the seat tube angle is 76 degrees, the chainstay is 410mm and the bottom bracket drop is 60mm. The 19mm twin top tubes provide a leaf spring mechanism that gives this bike a more supple ride.  The Goodday hammerhead integrated bar-stem  provides added performance by absorbing vibrations and stiffness give agility.  Finished with a Curiosity custom frame pack that maximizes all the storage in the large triangle.

Weight:  28 lbs without bags

The Blue Belle


This bike was designed to be a versatile vessel that could replace 3 bikes for more minimalistic living. The geometry is sporty and responsive. The head tube angle is 71, a seat tube angle is 74 degrees. The bottom bracket drop is 62 mm. Chainstay length is 410 mm. 


Custom fork, frame, stem and bags make this ride a real showpiece. The fork made for this frame has a classic

1 1/8 inch head tube, stainless steel crown, disc brake and 12x100mm through axle. The 55 mm rake is designed to carry weight on the front end while maintaining agility. Also because its a smaller frame prevent toe overlap. The custom integrated rack internally wires and mounts a generator light and provides a place for 2 small panniers. Max tire size is 42 mm which makes it more suitable for road travel. 

The custom frame pack uses intricate applique, is internally mounted on all three sides of the triangle and has an interior pocket organizer. 

The   Goshawk

Enduro / Bikepacking

Goshawks are birds of wild forests, they are incredibly agile and fast because they hunt in dense woods. The Goodday Goshawk HT Enduro is no different. Designed to navigate technical obstacles using long and low geometry. The 430 mm chainstay length accommodates a 3" 27.5 plus tire or a 29" wheel. A head tube angle of 63 degrees with a 160 mm fork in the front  may sound absurd, but don't be fooled this bike is highly capable on techy descents and climbs. 


Anodized Onyx hubs, I9 stem and Wolf Tooth grips, a purple flake powder coat finish and hombre decals give this bike a refined finish. The custom Curiosity triangle bag is gold thread embroidered on The Ottertex® canvas waterproof oxford fabric and is ideal for day rides without sweaty backsides or bikepacking.

The Rat Race

Enduro / Bikepacking

The Rat Race is a single speed, enduro HT, 29 plus made to ride in the Downieville area of the Sierras. The Rat Race is inspired by Cali rat rods, made to look like a chopped old Schwinn  brought  into 2020 with oversized head tube, through axles, 150 mm travel front fork, and long and low geometry.  The secondary top tube adds rigidity to this XL frame, as well as an elegant place to put a gas-tank style frame pack. The paint job is a textured powder coat with graffiti decals. The custom brass head badge has a turquoise patina to contribute to the retro feel. The Curiosity Frame pack is customized with cactus  applique and geometric stitching and frees the rider from needing to carry a fanny pack or cantine.


The head tube angle is 65 degrees, seat tube angle is 75 degrees, 3 inch tires, NEXT carbon wheels-- what more do you need?

Malbec Marauder 

Enduro / Bikepacking

The Malbec Marauder was co-conspired by Chris and Tasha to be an enduro bike that could also be an efficient bikepacking bike. This bike is built to be very competent for the most rugged backcountry trails. Using long and low geometry and a slacked out 64 degree head tube angle the MM descends confidently down steep and technical terrain, which is ample in red-rock and rocky mountain country.  150mm of travel in the front provides unsurpassed comfort by giving the bike a bottomless feel and also brings the front-end slightly higher for a long day in the saddle. The seat tube angle is 75.5 degrees to balance out the slacked out front end, to make the bike climb like a billy goat. Don't overlook the bottom bracket drop-- 60mm which provides stability under a fully packed bike.

 At 5'2" it is difficult to find a small bike with a big triangle, but the MM has 25 L of storage in the customized Curiosity Frame Pack due to the twin top tubes and the bucket-bottom downtube. 

The Rufous


Inspired by the longest migrating hummingbird, the Rufous is a supple, agile and sporty gravel bike with enough storage for Randonneuring. 

The compact geometry complements the custom titanium seatpost which makes for a very comfortable ride and makes for a stiffer and lighter frameset.  Head tube angle is 71.5, seat tube angle is 74. Bottom bracket drop is 60 mm. The chainstay length is 415 mm. 


Matching Curiosity custom frame packs and Plateau rando bag add flair and utility. Carefully built with carbon in all the right places; a Whiskey fork and Enve wheelset, allow up to a 50 mm or for the mountain bikers a 1.9 inch tire. 


Weight: 20.5 lbs without bags