Mini Frame Pack

Mini Frame Pack


"Reimagening the framepack as a canvas."



Primary Color

    For full suspension frames, or half packs, half triangles or small triangles (longest side less than 14")

    A custom framepack is an essential piece of gear for short and long bike travel endeavors and a Curiosity frame pack is a great way to add personality and beauty to your ride. The frame pack is securely attached to the top tube with a classy lacing system. Your frame is protected from rattling bike locks, metal water bottles, or multi tools with shock absorbent and light-weight pine inserts. No jammed or crunchy zippers with easy sliding molded plastic zippers. Using ultra static, durable, waterproof, and attractive vinyl backed canvas, your overstuffed bag won't bulge or rub your legs as you pedal.


    If your bike has straight tubes, you may just send the dimensions of the inside of your triangle, plus the measurements from the bottom bracket to the 1st waterbottle cage bolt(s).


    If you have a more complex shape please watch the tutorial on how to make a template (last slide on gallery) and mail your template to:

    Curiosity Bike Bags

    560 W HWY 50 Ste B

    Gunnison, CO 81230


    Once I've received your payment, template or measurements we'll email, text or call to discuss your design and other selections like interior color, zipper color and stitching colors.


    If you selected appliqué on any side of your pack I'll send you several sketches based on your ideas for you to consider. We can also create a graphic that integrates with a  Bento Bandito bag! Once you've finalized the design I'll make the bag and ship it out in 1-2 weeks. 


    All bags are made to order. If you are able to drop off your bike in the Gunnison area, bags can be made and installed in 2 days.