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Spacer Cradle Rack

Spacer Cradle Rack


Are you sick of failed bar bag harnesses, bar clutter and general junk show-ness while bikepacking? Clean it up and make room on your bar for your accessories, lights, bells, aero bars, and your hands with the Goodday Spacer Cradle. 🚀👽


Install takes 5 minutes. The Spacer Cradle is essentially a second stem. Simply remove top cap, stem and spacers, slide cradle on where spacers were and then reassemble and tighten. Torque spec for cradle is 5 Newton meters.


The spacer can be customized to 15mm - 50mm tall, otherwise we make it 20mm. The cradle body is 230mm wide and is compatible with any stuff sack or roll top bag with a circumference of 760mm (30 inches) or less. 


The cradled has strap guides for quick on and off bag attachment, and 2 static straps are included with the order.


Weight: 230 g


Made from 4130 chromoly with a black powder coat finish.


Only works on thread-less 1" or 1 1/8" headsets.

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